About Us

Beauty, for me, is an Art, when you combined the outside and the inside beauty, together you get the perfect Confidence. That’s the reason why I dedicated myself to always bringing you everything you need for your outer beauty while you’re working on the inside beauty. Since I 12 years old. I knew my passion was beauty. I’ve become more confident throughout the years, so I’m introducing you to my Beauty products that will make your skin glow, soften it, and boosting your confidence. I’ve worked on my passion, becoming a licensed, Hairstylist, Beautician, Cosmetician, Set Hairstylist, Celebrity Hairstylist and more. After 18+ years on the beauty industry I decided to launch my own natural Skin Care line. Now all of you can enjoy the same satisfaction I get by using my own Skincare that handmade with LoVe.